The purpose of this blog is to show how faith, my professional training and a healthy sense of humor taught me and continues to teach me that Jesus Christ is always in control. I am a fellow learner as this journey for my child unfolds. My wish is that Ben's legacy gives others hope where there seems to be none. It is also my desire that the information I have assimilated with my medical mind and filtered through a mother's heart gives practical ways to deal with this ever-changing chronic disease. Finally, for the many friends and family members who continue to follow Ben's life change after the injury, the story continues.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Benjamin remains in treatment at the neurorecovery center. He continues in cognitive therapy for brain function and memory, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. The difficulties involve balancing Ben's medications to optimize his brain function. With medications that improve his initiation and attention, we often dealt with unacceptable behaviors. With medications for mood, he is more sedated and participation isn't optimal. Ben had a rough day Friday. I spent 5 hours with him on Saturday. Although he started down the path of unacceptable speech a few times, the episodes were short and aborted quickly. It is encouraging to me in the midst of the "mess". I watched his face. It is easy to see what will be about to trigger an unacceptable response. Timing of a question of how he wants something done or identifying that he is about to be asked to do something he doesn't like minimized the bad behavior. Distraction is also helpful. Ben's brain is moving.....changing, learning. It isn't fast, but change means HOPE.
Ben's walking is improving. He is becoming more independent in his personal care. He loves visitors. He loves his family. Ben has frequent moments of clarity. I was speaking with Ben about how he should ask God to help him stop the behaviors that do not reflect HIM to the world. Ben is trying. He said, " I heard it from you and it stuck with my heart". He looked at a staff member and remarked, "My mom isn't happy and that makes me sad." Ben knows what he needs to do. He is battling himself. Please pray for this battle to be won. Ben's doctor needs wisdom. Ben needs a renewed mind. Thanks everyone.